Congruent Men

Be the man you were created to be... a man after God's own heart

God created you for a reason, grab ahold of the passion and purpose that He created for you Today!

Scott is a Trusted Advisor

  • Pastor

  • Executive leader of multiple social service nonprofits

  • Trained in Whole Person Design and Leadership Coaching

  • M.A., Organizational Development & Systems Renewal

  • Podcast host of, Congruence:  Where Faith And Life Come Together

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Do you want to be the man you were created to be?  You were created for a purpose! A man of purpose in love, work and life.  Life is hard and it's incredibly hard today.  Men of God are struggling with addiction, overmedicating, porn, credit debt and are living in shame, guilt and isolation.  You don't have to live like that.  You can live in CONGRUENCE- integrity, community, service, risk, relationship and purpose.

We all want our look good to look good, and it does- to you!  A Trusted Advisor holds the mirror so that you can see yourself as others see you.  He comes along side of you and helps to assess your strengths and areas of improvement.  Works with you to create a plan to become the man you want to become and walks through each step with you.

My Superpowers Are...

  • Ability to make difficult concepts simple, approachable and real

  • Helping people to uncover difficult hidden truths 

  • Making crazy ideas a reality

  • Simplifying big plans into meaningful and realistic steps

My Why...

I believe that as we live in peace, hope and love that we co-create a world of wonder and meaning.  If we live with integrity and congruence we can begin to wonder instead of judging, hating, being anxious and living in fear.  I want to create a world where men of God live in congruence, bringing wonder and meaning wherever they go.

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Tacoma, Washington